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What You Need to Know About the Best Printer for ID Card Printing

May 14, 2021

It is safe to say that no country can survive without ID cards. Governments issue ID cards for identity purposes; corporations use it for security and financial institutions for online transactions. All this versatile usage is due to the fact that these cards are used extensively everywhere, and they are used to prove the identity of any human being. To make these ID cards, you should have the best printer for ID card printing, without which it is next to impossible to print these cards.

Given the diverse usage of these cards, the demand for the best printer for ID card printing is increasing. According to the analysts, the global card printer market size is projected to reach 840.4 million dollars in 2026 from 759.6 million dollars in 2020. [1] The companies with advanced technology will produce the best printer for ID card printing, thereby increasing their market share. The growth in economic conditions, rising living standards, and a large portion of the population participating in the banking industry are all increasing card usage and, ultimately, the demand of the ID card printers.

There is a vast diversity of ID card printing machines in the market. To have the best printer for ID card printing, you must know your operational requirements, the type of information you want to have on the card, and the information you want that card to store. However, there are four factors that you cannot afford to ignore while choosing the best printer for ID card printing.

1. Capacity

When it comes to ID card printing, capacity or number of prints is of the essence. It all depends upon the workload of your organization. Most of the time, when you choose these printers, you will see the capacity in the product manual, which is explicitly stated as the speed of the printer to print a card in one hour.

2. Speed:

The high speed and high volume go hand in hand. Because if speed is low and volume is high, you will require more units to meet the same demand. Depending upon your requirements, you can see the speed of the ID card printing machine before purchasing that printer. Therefore, high volume card printers also have ribbons, which allows you to print more cards before needing to change the ribbons, hence optimizing productivity.

3. Durability and Image Quality

The whole point of you having the best printer for ID card printing is to store and utilize the information at the time of need. So, if a card is swiped through a magnetic stripe reader or exposed to the outer environment for an extended period of time, the card must not destroy. Moreover, you also want the information, especially the image, to be neatly visible and not distorted. The compromise with the card quality is not feasible. Hence you must check the durability and image quality of the card which the printer prints before selecting the best printer for ID card printing.

4. Software and Technology

Knowing this detail is critical in selecting the best printer for ID card printing. The software and technology will determine the kind of card you will get in the end. For example, whether you want printers with a dual-side or single-side printing, or the information you want to store is encoded or just written explicitly, all will be decided by the software and technology of a specific printer.

Seaory provides the cheapest PVC card printers, which will be your ultimate destination for ID card printing. Seaory S22 PVC card printer uses dye Sublimation technology and has the default print resolution of 300 dpi * 300 dpi. With the LCM control panel, this printer supports multiple languages and has a memory of 128MB for information storage. Moreover, the portable Seaory PVC card printer has a printing speed of 42 secs per card for a dual-sided card. You can even set the direction of card input and output depending upon your needs.

Not only this printer, but all the PVC card printers manufactured by Seaory are perfect for extensive printing applications. With all the in-demand technologies and latest certifications in hand, they provide smart cards made up of PVC, PET, and ABS. If you are looking for the cheapest PVC card printer, choosing Seaory will be one of your best decisions.


[1] Global Card Printer Market 2020: Industry Size, Share, Revenue, Business Growth, Demand and Applications Market Research Report to 2026 | (2020). Available at:

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