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Is There Different for Paper and PVC Visiting Card Printing Machines

May 14, 2021

You met somebody, discussed a specific subject but would like to continue this acquaintance. Well, there is a visiting card for you. The importance of cards for social and marketing purposes cannot be overstated. Moreover, these visiting cards come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly used materials for visiting cards are paper, plastic, and stainless steel. The durability, quality, and price of a card all depend upon the type of material used. Therefore, the choice of material is also vital because different material requires different card printers.

The paper visiting card and PVC visiting card printing machine vary significantly in multiple dimensions, e.g., their fundamental methods of working, quality of the cards produced, and efficiency of the machines. Let’s explore each in detail.

Fundamental Methods:

There are three primary visiting card printing methods, i.e., Litho/Offset printing, Digital/Die-cut printing, and Screen/Silk Printing.

  • 1. Litho/Offset Printing:
    Weight Module (1 Pc)
  • 2. Digital/Die-cut Printing:
    In Digital printing, plastic cards are printed on a large sheet and cut into individual cards using a die. This gives us variance in shape and size. This printing technique is much prevalent for plastic cards but much less standard for paper visiting cards. It is less expensive and less labor-intensive than the lithograph method.
  • 3. Screen/Silk Printing:
    In this method, a stencil on a mesh screen is used to apply the ink. This technique is popular for printing paper cards and not plastic cards. The one drawback of screen printing on plastic cards is that these cards are very susceptible to scratching.

PVC visiting card printing machines prints cards of premium quality. These cards have great touch, and they are unfoldable like paper cards. According to one research, cards from the PVC card printer will last 50 times longer than paper cards. Moreover, their quality does not fade over time.


The efficiency of the paper and PVC card printing machines differ from each other greatly. As paper cards are easy to print, paper printing machines take less time to print a card. Similarly, paper card manufacturing machines do not require heavy technologies, making them cheaper than PVC visiting card printing machines.

Using PVC visiting card printing machines has numerous benefits than the paper printing machine. Some of them are given below.


PVC printers print cards that are more secure compared to paper cards. Paper cards are vulnerable to damage; hence you have to make the card again and again.


PVC card printing machines produce cards that are beautiful and attractive. Paper cards can make you embarrassed at times. Even after lamination, paper cards are prone to damage. Imagine going to a high-profile visit and presenting the folded paper visiting card for your identity verification. It will make you embarrass.


PVC visiting card printing machines produce efficient cards as compared to paper card printing machines. Unlike paper cards, you have no need to laminate the PVC cards. This increases the life expectancy of the PVC card hence making them economical than the paper cards.

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