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How Smart Card Improves Network Security

May 10, 2021

With the development of the Internet, more and more activities and services are done online. This has raised the standard for network security. The more reliable the network is, the more comfortable and convenient the network life could be. To enhance network security, not only the computer software should be leveled up, but the hardware also needs to be optimized to match the trend.

A smart card, for example, commonly printed by an PVC card printer offers considerable assistance in the process. And the development of smart card printing service is also friendly and essential to network security. Let’s follow the article to gain an idea of smart card helping in network security.

Smart card and application

A smart card is the integrated circuit card, also known as microcircuit card. It’s made by inserting a microcircuit into the ISO standard card base and printed by a PVC card printing machine. The smart card is often applied to a reader. They mainly transmit information by electromagnetic waves with specific frequencies.

Nowadays, because the smart card features in information security, convenience for carrying, relatively complete standard, etc., it has now been widely used in identification confirm, bank, telecom, public transportation and so on. The smart card is playing a more and more critical role in daily life. But how could we make sure the security to use it with the network?

The COS system of smart card

The operating system for smart card circuit development is called Chip Operating System (COS). The primary function of this COS is to control the information exchange of the smart card and the other machines, to manage the storage in the smart card and to finish different orders within the card.

There are strictly three parts of the COS security system: security status, security attribution and security mechanism. Security status is the current state of the smart card. And security attribution could be said as the conditions to run the smart card. The security mechanism is the two different ways to make identification and confirmation.

With this thorough security system, the smart card is secure under various application scenes:


The smart card printed by a PVC card printing machine could restore your personal information. Whenever you need to confirm yourself to others, it could transmit the information inside. Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about disclosing your privacy since the smart card has the functions of a secret key. In this way, you have put at ease to authenticate yourself. You could trust others whoever passed the identification confirm of the smart card.


Finance is always a field that requires a higher standard of security. With the COS security system, your credit card, for example, could not be run merely by swiping it through a machine. The cardholder should insert several secret keys to awake the card’s functioning. Thus, your money would be safer.

Information encryption

Since the smart card has a function of storing contents, it could be used for secret information storage. And you don’t need to worry about the information being stolen because the smart card itself has a process to identify and confirm.

The smart card could be said as a must in modern life, and PVC card printing machine offers convenience in the trend as well. An PVC card printing machine is used to print different kinds of smart cards when your smart card has been inserted with the circuit. With a unique design, they would be more easily distinguished.

Equipped with an in-house PVC card printer, you could design your smart card and print them massively, costing far lower than to seek a specific card producer. This PVC card printing machine could support you with different kinds of custom card printing.

As a professional PVC card printer provider, Seaory has gained popularity during the trend. We offer high-quality PVC card printers with various features. With the support of us, you could make more use of the smart card in the network era.

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