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Enterprise and public institution

How does the enterprise realize employee identification, attendance management, guest visit, fixed assets management and other related functions?For enterprises with high staff turnover and frequent card issuance, how to make a high quality and inexpensive identity card which is convient to update at any time? With Seaory card printer, no matter the size of the enterprise, the management department can design and make vivid and unique identification cards by themselves, regardless of the time and quantity.

Proposal Recommendation

The image, text and other information printed on the back glue white card is more thin than regular PVC plastic card. Easy to make high-quality, high resolution portrait identification. When paste to access control card, it is not only convenient to update, but also more affordable on prices.

Portrait work card/Attendance card/Access control card/Visitor card/Interview card/Conference card/Fixed assets identification card...

Urban transportation field

Contactless smart card are widely used in toll booths, parking lots and railway transportation for their fast and efficient performance.It is not only widely welcomed by the majority of passengers and drivers, but also realizes non-cash transactions, accelerates the frequency of toll collection at toll junctions, and fundamentally solves the congestion phenomenon of peak transportation at toll stations.

City pass/Same city pass/Bus pass/Parking card/Driver license/Road transportation permit/Toll card/Refueling card...

Medical and health field

A safe and orderly treatment and working environment is essential for patients, medical staff and visiting guests.Nowadays, the application of ID cards in hospitals has given more expectations, including employee attendance time tracking, inventory management, access control in sensitive areas, and improving patients' trust in the hospital. Seaory provides safe, high-speed and confidential card printing services for medical and social security units to make exquisite high-quality medical insurance cards, social security cards, health certificates, hospital cards and so on.


  • Make a personal color photo card, fast speed, to ensure that the photos clear and realistic.
  • Name, title, unit, department name, number and bar code, seal and so on can be printed.
  • Not limited by the number of printed, can be covered with anti-counterfeiting film watermark.
Social security card/Medical card/Medical treatment card/Diagnosis and Treatment card/Outpatient service card/Health certificate...

Educational field

To create a safe and convenient campus environment for all teachers, students and staff is the foundation of many schools and educational units.The campus printing service program provided by Seaory can help each school unit to print personalized exclusive student ID card, teacher ID card, library card, campus card and other cards with the security system or chip system used in the school, so as to meet the requirements of convenient access and security control for personnel in the school.

Seaory provides a campus printing service solution, including easy integration with plug-in database and high-quality output s-series color card machine, complete functions and easy operation steps, which can fully meet the needs of the campus.Self-printing student ID card and library card not only has the convenience of timely output, but also can effectively save the cost of outsourcing printing. It is the best choice for campus and education-related units.

Campus card/Student card/Teacher card/Library card/Dining card/Spending card/Laundry card...

Financial field

Seaory instant card solutions utilizes innovative technology to enable fast, secure, and efficient instant card issuance for banking unit operators and others, and to process new and replacement applications for credit or debit cards at the right time according to the needs of the cardholder.Instant debit cards will reduce the wait time compared to our regular debit and credit card applications.It will drive the probability of instant card activation and use, promote long-term cooperation with cardholders, and accelerate business development.

With the popularity of credit cards, some Banks began to implement personalized credit cards, that is, to use professional card printer to print customers' unique personalized information on credit cards, which is both beautiful and memorable.

Credit card/Debit card/Financial IC card/Stored value card...

Commercial field

How to catch the consumption psychology of most customers? How to cater to customers’ consumer values? In addition to promotions, an effective membership card system can help business firm develop first-time customers into long-term customers. Every customer likes the feeling of being held up as a guest of honor, which encourages them to become loyal members as soon as possible and visit more frequently. Vivid and exquisite personalized VIP CARDS with commemorative features play a vital role in establishing a close relationship with customers and helping merchants build a brand image. At the same time, it is also the best reward for the customers for their heartfelt support.

Seaory card printer can make exclusive membership card for guests on site, print exclusive photos, card number, bar code and other personalized information on the card, so as to facilitate businesses to complete record members' consumption amount, activity content and other information, effectively improve businesses' services and facilitate customer information management

Membership card/VIP card/Gift card/Delivery card/Bonus card/Discount card…

Telecom field

With the advanced science and technology being continuously applied to the field of communication, people's way of life and work has undergone a tremendous change. Nowadays telephone and other convenient communication tools have become people's essential life necessities. The phone card is no longer just a phone card, with which low and rough printing quality have been past and eliminated. Some smart communication companies have launched production business for personalized phone cards, which not only can be collected, but also as a special gift to friends and relatives, kill two birds with one stone.

Phone card/Prepaid card/Scratch card/Password card...

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