card printing services

Enterprise and public institution

Employee identification, attendance management, guest visit, fixed assets management, as well as social security service… Seaory provides you the right solution for all the needs above.

Urban transportation field

How to realize the no-cash transaction for example railway, bus, and other public transportation? Or easy manage the parking lot? Seaory has already some solutions for you!

Medical and health field

Consultation records for every patient are too complicated to manage? Don’t worry! Seaory is always ready to help you solve your problems.

Educational field

It is hard to manage the information for thousands of students, teachers and stuffs. And how to avoid strangers entering school or students’ dormitory? Seaory could help you!

Financial field

The secure of credit cards is a hot issue concerned by all over the world. Customization of the credit card is a new trend, but how? Don’t worry! Seaory is always at your service.

Commercial field

How to improve the customer loyalty and retention is a problem that every merchant concerns. Seaory has the solution!

Telecom field

Everytime need to go to the telecom office to top-up? Run out the credit but the telecom is on their day off? Seaory provides you the solution!

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