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A Complete Guide to Create Your Brilliant ID Card by ID Card Printer

May 12, 2021

The use of ID card is becoming more and more widely in schools, enterprises and government, which also promotes the development of ID card printing business. Creating an ID card might sound like a tedious and lengthy process but not when you have a complete guide on creating your brilliant ID card by an ID card printing machine.

You will find the process much more enjoyable, and it will be much faster than your estimated time calculations.

Advantages of Creating brilliant ID Card

Creating a brilliant ID card reaps you many advantages, and now with the ID card printing machine, the work has become so much easier, faster, and affordable. There are many advantages to it, including:

  • A secure ID is much more than just a photo and name. It represents information of the organization and the person it belongs to
  • You can have it customized; for instance, the company logo or custom graphic design can be used
  • Holographic over laminate thanks to PVC card printers
  • Smart chip contacts/bar codes for easier verification
  • An array of card designs thanks to ID card printers which provide multiple designing options
6 Steps to Creating a Brilliant ID Card
1. Parameters of Your Card Design

Before you start focusing on the ID card outlook, it is essential to identify the objectives of the organization’s ID card program.

Things like logical and physical security, reflecting the organization’s brand identity, measuring the efficiency and productivity as well as reducing the vulnerability to counterfeiting are all parameters which you must consider for your card design.

2. Necessary Technologies

Your design must coincide with the card technologies your organization uses. Your design and the technology must also be compatible because the type of ID card printing machine you will be using also relies on the type of technology to be used.

This includes:

  • Magnetic Stripes
  • Smart cards (both contact and contactless)
  • Bar codes
  • Proximity Antenna
3. Orientation and Layout

You don’t have to stick to one orientation because none is perfect. The layout (either portrait or landscape) depends on the arrangement of the graphical elements on the ID card, which is to be set by the ID card printing machine.

Before deciding the orientation or layout, assess:

  • How will the ID card be mostly displayed?
  • An electronic section on the ID Card
  • Where can swipe abrasion occur, and what part needs lamination?
  • Is a hole punch for s clip required?
4. Print, Encode, and Laminate

Now that you have invested enough time to design, you need to pick the right ID card printing machine to get the process started.

A PVC card printer can do the job just right for you! PVC card printing machines contain numerous encoding, laminating, and printing options available regardless of your card design.

5. Select Graphics and a Type Face

Before you start your ID card printing machine, make sure you have selected the correct font size, graphics, and bright color combinations according to the organization’s requirements, and which can accommodate the information since it is more of a functional tool while being intricately designed.

6. Test the Image Quality and Functionality

Once your card is all set up, it’s time to test the functionality. Perform comprehensive testing before sending it through for a large scale implementation. Check these specifications:

  • Quality consistency
  • Card data checkpoints
  • Is the data being accurately transmitted to your system?

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