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Top Reasons Why ID Card Printing Machine is Vital for Healthcare

May 17, 2021

Nowadays, ID cards are widely used in many public related industries due to their adherence to multiple applications. One such sector is the healthcare sector. And since these related general industries, including the hospitals, have a vast number of permanent employees and many visitors that visit these facilities daily, ID card printing machines are on the rise. For the healthcare sector, such as hospitals, using an in-house access card printing machine or simply a PVC card printer has brought many benefits.

ID Card for Healthcare

Whether it is a patient, a receptionist, or a surgeon in a hospital, the healthcare sector is one of the busiest sectors in today's world. Just a small confusion or mistake in its operations can have significant repercussions. One primary way of preventing this is by using ID cards to distinguish between the different classes of present and working people simultaneously in any hospital. An ID card can give a clear identification in the hospital.

Application of ID Card for Healthcare

An ID card printing machine needs every hospital today because it serves several applications in the healthcare sector. Recording check-in and check-out time, normal and overtime work hours, work shifts, and punctuality of every employee can be precisely tracked. A PVC ID card can be a perfect way to record every employee's automatic attendance in a hospital.

In addition, Personalized temporary visitor ID cards can also be printed with an ID card printing machine. Most hospitals only allow fixed and certain hours each day for visiting patients. A PVC ID card with a chip or a magnetic tape can easily record the number of outsiders that visit any patient either during the prescribed hours or outside of them. What is more, each class of employees working in a hospital is clearly and visibly identified by each other and outsiders due to their ID cards and prevents any confusion or mishap.

Besides, ID cards with just a magnetic tape can easily retrieve their holder's data without the need to search for hard copy files and documents. Using PVC ID cards with a chip, each patient's medical data and history can be safely recorded and retrieved from their ID card.

Why is ID Card Security for Healthcare so important?

Just like any other industry using ID cards, ID card security for healthcare is also essential. To ensure that the ID card security in healthcare remains intact, several methods are deployed.

1. Enhanced Protection

All ID cards printed by the ID card printing machine have unique features that cannot be counterfeited or reproduced by any other person or machine. One purpose of printing ID cards through in-house ID card printing machines in a hospital is to ensure that confidential data related to the card and its holder is not shared with outsiders.

Moreover, the details of any specific hospital's ID card's unique features are only known to certain people using the ID card printing machine in that hospital and on one.

Visual Security

In addition to enhanced protection to stop counterfeiting ID cards in healthcare, each ID card design also has a few unique visible and invisible features that only the other employees or a machine can identify.

Healthcare personnel noticing any unusual flaw, missing design or identification elements on any person's card, or an ID card reader unable to match any particular card with its database can trigger the security to interfere in any probable breach attempt.

Visitor Permissions

Personalized visitor ID cards can be printed with the ID card printing machine to allow only a selected few patients' relatives to visit.

This also improves the trust that the patient and outsiders have in the hospital's security system since they know that only the right person can contact the patient.

A personalized visitor ID card will also record each visit's visit and the extent and make sure that the visitor was allowed inside only during the visiting hours and not beyond.

Cards for Access

Every healthcare facility is divided into different sections, such as waiting areas, general wards, pharmacies, inventory storerooms, operation theatres, radiation labs, etc. PVC ID cards can be equipped with data chips or magnetic tapes to classify and restrict each card holder's individual access authority.

The ID card printing machines, access card printing machine, and PVC card printer from Seaory have made it easy for any healthcare facility to conveniently print ID cards in-house and still fulfill all of the above applications and needs.

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