Seaory team celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival in memory of the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. In order to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and strengthen the cohesion of the staff, the company organized an activity to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival on the afternoon of June 24th.

Every traditional festival is the representative of traditional Chinese culture, and the folk custom of every festival is the quintessence of Chinese culture.The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates Qu Yuan not only because he is a great romantic poet, but also because he is concerned about the noble sentiment of the people and martyred for the country's integrity.His noble character represents the spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation.A good celebration of traditional festivals is not only conducive to the continuation and development of traditional culture and national spirit, but also enables us to deeply feel the confidence of culture.We in addition to taste zongzi soft glutinous fragrance, but also to the traditional culture of the taste of inheritance, carry forward!

On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Shenzhen Seaory Technology CO.,LTD.organized activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival so that employees of the company can personally experience and feel the traditional Chinese culture at close range, vigorously promote the spirit of patriotism, sing the main melody of socialist core values, and pass down the spiritual connotation of the feelings of the country.

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