International quality standards for photo card

Photo card is a PVC material card can print photo, serial number, name, department and position. If the card adopt IC chip, normally using contactless IC card, so that you can achieve the function of company attendance entrance guard. Large enterprise employee card also contains the meal card and book lending etc. Convenient for enterprise management.

Then what’s the producing standards for photo cards?

The card body requires protection against strong light and light penetration.

Under the test conditions of radiation intensity of 500W/ m2, blackboard temperature of 50℃, time of 5 hours and space temperature of 40℃, the surface of the card body does not yellow, no cracks, and the effect of positive holographic anti-counterfeiting film does not change.

When the card is transported from a dry environment to a wet one or vice versa, it can be automatically restored and used reliably after being unpacked.

The burr on the side of the card conforms to ISO7810 standard. The formed paper card adopts functional filling material, and no different colors and burr appear on the side.

Precise cutting equipment is used to ensure the accuracy of the alignment between the front and back, and the error is no more than 0.5mm.

Using precision laminating equipment, thermal cooling humidity, laminating time and other technical parameters in line with ISO7810 standards, the bonding is firm, no stratification, no cracking in water for 10 hours, no cracking in natural bending 45° stuck body.

The surface of the card is smooth, flat, not layer, not bending, not easy to break, with a certain toughness.The printing font is clear, the printing color separation texture is strong, the picture is distinct, the overprint is accurate, the resolution is more than 300dpi.

The portrait on the card should be exactly the same as the manuscript and should not be distorted. The portrait should be printed clearly.

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