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RFID technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology, RFID electronic tag in the daily life of the footprint is more and more extensive, the relevant technology is constantly improving, so it is also applied in more fields.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the current application of RFID electronic tag in China? Today Seaory will analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

As we all know, the advantages of RFID technology are greater than its disadvantages, so let's first analyze its popular advantages!


First, unlike traditional bar code technology, RFID electronic tags have the advantages of penetrability and non-barrier reading: in the case of coverage, RFID can penetrate dust, mud, paper, wood and plastic and other non-metallic or non-transparent materials, and able to communicate through.A bar code scanner can only read bar codes at close range without objects blocking it.

Second, scanning speed is fast. Different from the bar code can scan one barcode per time, RFID is contactless way, omnidirectional requirements, label into the magnetic field, reader can read the information immediately. Usually within a few milliseconds to complete a read or write, using collision prevention mechanism, make it can handle multiple tags at the same time, realize batch identification, identification of up to 50 / s at the same time, and can be identified in the movement.

It is also able to modify and delete data. Recycling using, environmental savings. Different from the one-time use function of bar code, RFID electronic tag can be repeatedly added, modified, delete the data stored in the RFID label, convenient for information update.

The main reasons for its wide range of use are high memory and high security factor.Compared with the previous one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code tens to thousands of bytes of memory, electronic tag memory up to 5~6MB.In terms of security performance, RFID is in accordance with the internationally unified electronic product code coding system in the factory before the solidification in the chip, does not repeat the unique 40-bit identification code, can not be copied and changed.Data can be encrypted, sectors can be locked independently once, and important information can be locked based on the user.The technology is difficult to be copied and intruded into, making domestic chips more secure.

In addition, there are many other advantages, such as the style can be customized according to customer needs, more to meet customer preferences.Compared with bar code more anti - pollution, more durable, etc.

Finally, let's discuss the disadvantages of RFID electronic tags: most professionals believe that the two major disadvantages are the information security issues of RFID and the choice of RFID coding standards.Because the reading of electronic tag data is triggered by the reader launch radio frequency, that is, as long as the reader launch frequency is the same, the transponder or tag will make the same response, transmit the same data, this will give criminals an opportunity to create.

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