Seaory card printers used in security card initialization center’s large card issuing device

Currently, China's third-generation provincial social security card issuance center is also known as the provincial social security card management platform and initialization center, which is the unified and standardized management agency of provincial social security card management center.Recently, a provincial social security card initialization center developed a large card issuing device based on Seaory S22K card printer and Seaory S20 card printer. With the help of Seaory's technology development team, the project has made significant breakthroughs and is now operational.

In this project, 6sets Seaory S22K card printer and 4sets Seaory S20 card printer were used to develop centralized mass card issuing equipment, and the social security card was printed in color and written in chip data, magnetic stripe information was written in one time, also photo verification and other personalized data were processed.The daily card issuance volume of each device reaches 8,000pcs and 6,000pcs respectively, which greatly alleviates the working pressure of the card issuing center, improves the efficiency of card issuance and production, shortens the waiting time of cardholders, and thus improves the satisfaction of people with the working efficiency of government departments.

As a Chinese card printer brand that has been officially launched into the market for less than two years, Seaory card printer has successfully operated through this project, which once again proves the reliability of Seaory card machine in R&D, production and other aspects, as well as its cooperation in technical support. In the face of the production pressure of centralized mass card,, the card surface printing effect and personalized data processing are as stable as one card printer. It can be seen that the quality of Seaory card printer can stand the test of customers.

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