Seaory new UV Security Ribbons

In response to the market demand, we realize personalized printing with card printer, and bid farewell to the tedious mass printing of large printing machines. Now Seaory has launched Seaory S series UV security ribbon.The ribbon is widely used in card schemes for enhanced protection and color, which can use specific colors to add fluorescent images and text.Make cards easier to verify and more secure.It has the characteristics of high clarity, obvious color changing effect, strong glossiness, good scraping resistance and saving ribbon, etc.

UV security ribbon adopts advanced UV anti-counterfeiting fluorescent ink to apply it in heat transfer ribbon, can use small card printer to achieve personalized printing, and can achieve a variety of anti-counterfeiting effects, according to customer needs to customize fluorescent blue, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green and other effects.

When using UV security ribbon to achieve personalized printing, need to choose non-fluorescent brighteners card.If the use of dye Sublimation color printing , you need to choose O layer for transmittance materials (such as YMCKO full color ribbon). Under these, the printing out fluorescence effect is better.If users can pay attention to these characteristics when using UV security ribbon, they will achieve good printing and anti-counterfeiting effect.

Anti-counterfeiting is a precautionary technical measure taken by enterprises to protect their brand, market and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers when the social credit is lacking and fake and low-quality commodities disturb their normal operation and damage their interests.When enterprises make full use of anti-counterfeiting technology to crack down on fake and inferior products, rectify and standardize the market, it is also a necessary means for modern enterprises to enhance the image of their products and show their responsibility to consumers and the society.At the same time, enterprises should take anti-counterfeiting as an opportunity to take effective anti-counterfeiting measures as a strategic investment of enterprises, and formulate and gradually achieve anti-counterfeiting work objectives in a planned way, and anti-counterfeiting throughout the whole process of product production, marketing and enterprise management.Anti - counterfeiting is an important means for enterprises to protect their rights, fight against counterfeiting, increase efficiency and build their brands.

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