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ID card printer troubleshooting - How to Fix the Common Problems

May 10, 2021

Nowadays, smart cards are quite common in our lives. This type of card has many different applications. Smart cards can serve as identification documents when working or in schools. Other times, we receive them as a testimony of membership of a club or shop.

As these cards became widely used, the ID card printing machine was born to produce the card more conveniently. ID card printer can print photos, name letters, and other personal information clearly on the surface of the card. Some equipment has also recognition and anti-counterfeiting features.

Although the operation of the PVC card printing machine is not complicated, some problems may still occur. There are numerous precautions you can take to reduce the risks. Here we want to offer you a practical solution to some of the common problems.

The ID card printing machine is capable in terms of printing ability, but occasionally the color and image may be different from what you expected. You can adjust the colors in the printer software to get the ideal effect. If you notice that the color of the printed image is not aligned, try to remove the ribbon and put it back. This method helps to solving the issue of printer loops and realignment panels.

If you want to prevent the problem from happening, there are some excellent printers you can consider. Some printers using dye-Sublimation, such as Seaory's products, can maximize color fidelity.

After the ID card printing machine has been used for a long time, the printed image may become blurred. This circumstance does not mean the printer is out of order. Instead, it may be the result of the print head being dirty. You can use the cleaning cards or pens to clean the print head. In these regards, our printers pay a lot of attention to printing resolution, which can determine the printing effect. The resolution of Seaory's product is 300 dpi × 300 dpi, which is capable of meeting the highest standards for cards' printing.

Other problems may be related to cases of color confusion, such as blue and red. The cause may be the incorrect ribbon installation of the ID card printing machine. For instance, if you are using the YMCKO ribbon with YMCK settings. The solution to this problem is as simple as adjusting the settings. To avoid the problem, our team at Seaory has designed an S21 PVC card printer with automatic ribbon detection.

Other than color and image imperfections, the cards may have fingerprints traces on the surface. This inconvenience can be avoided by keeping the blank cards clean. Keep in mind, not to touch the surface of the blank card directly with our fingers.

In a few cases, there will also appear white lines on the cards. The white line represents a blank dot, which is a cracked pixel in your print head. This situation will not be solved unless you replace the component with a new one.

Cleaning print heads is beneficial to prevent the ribbon from keeps breaking. Even if the ribbon of the ID card printing machine is broken, it can be reused. You can use scissors to cut the edges of the broken ribbon, and then reattach it to the waste roller.

Another problem that all printers may meet is card jam. The ID card printing machine has sticky rollers inside to push the card through the printing process. To prevent cards attaching on the rollers, you can take off the components and put them on a clean table to make it slightly less sticky. You can both clean or replace them, which will not cost a lot usually.

Inevitably, a printer as all machines sometimes breaks down. In addition to activating the automatic alarm system when there is a defect, Seaory's products also alert when cards are low. The automatic alarm system allows you to address these issues ahead of time to slow down the work process or cause unnecessary waste.

If you want to know more about precautions to enhance your printer lifespan, Seaory always hopes to offer assistance.

The ID card printing machines designed by us are also known for their excellent and stable performance for the built-in automatic update function to avoid security breaches. Our printers are qualified to provide you with shared target market resources, giving you a low cost and high production using experience.

For further questions, our team will be glad to provide you with all the information you may require.

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