How to control the color of card in production process?

As everyone who has made cards knows, There will be more or less difference between the original design file of card and color matching effect of production. Now we will give you a detailed introduction based on following information.

Color control of card production: the color model is CMYK. According to the final product acceptance standard of printing industry, the error of each C.M.Y.K value is controlled within 10%. To contrast with chromatogram, it will be regarded as normal range when color deviation within the standard. If you have strict requirement on the color of the printed product, special printing is required, and try to avoid using colors or templates that are easy to change, such as purple, dark blue, orange, brown, strong metallic color and gradient red.

In the printing process, the drying speed of ink will be affected by the surrounding environment, such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, different batches of printed products will vary due to changes of environment in the printing workshop at different time periods. If using of imposition printing, it has a certain probability of different color when the same document is printed multiple times. In addition, using monochrome black instead of CMYK colors when designing is black text. The black background used CMYK, and the sum of C.M.Y.K value should not exceed 250% color filling.

The picture is displayed on computer screen in RFG color model, and it shows brighter colors. The model of printing is CMYK, Because the color model is different, a little color deviation is normal. Meanwhile, the printed color will be affected by printing materials of the card printing machine and the intensity of light source.

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