RFID radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), is an automatic identification technology, non-contact bidirectional data communication by way of radio frequency, the recording medium (radio frequency card or an electronic tag) is read using radio frequency mode writing, so as to achieve recognition target and data exchange, RFID technology products derived from three major categories:


Passive RFID products:

Such identification is necessary for close contact, such as meal card, bank cards, bus cards and identification cards, cards of these types are needed to identify the close contact during operation, the main operating frequency of 125KHZ low frequency, high frequency 13.56MHZ UHF 433MHZ and 915MHZ. These products are also more common in our lives, but also the development of earlier products.


       Active RFID products:

       This type of product has the characteristics of long-range automatic identification, so accordingly apply to some large environments, such as smart parking, smart city, intelligent transportation and physical networking and other areas, their main work microwave 2.45GHZ and 5.8GHZ UHF 433MHZ.


       Semi-active RFID products:

As the name suggests is a combination of active and passive RFID products RFID products, which combines the advantages of both, triggered by the low frequency 125KHZ frequency, so that microwave 2.45G advantage to solve the active and passive RFID products RFID products can not be solved application problems, such as access control access management, location management region and other aspects of the security alarm, activating close positioning, long-distance transmission of data.


       RFID is widely used, RFID technology has a strong anti-interference and no manual identification characteristics, it is often applied in areas that require acquisition or tracking information, including but not limited to approximately six:


       Warehouse / Transportation / Material:

       RFID chip embedded to goods, stored in warehouses, shopping malls and other goods, and the logistics process, the goods are automatically collected information reader, management information item can quickly query the system, reducing the risk of dropping or stolen goods can be improved transfer speed, improve accuracy, and to prevent changing commodity and security.


Access Control / Attendance:

       Some companies or major conferences, by entering in advance the identity or fingerprint information can be identified by a sign in front of their own identification system, eliminating the need for intermediate lot of time, effort and convenience.


       Fixed Asset Management:

       Like some places huge assets or items of precious libraries, galleries and museums, you need to have a complete management program or strict protection measures when storing information books or valuables are abnormal changes in the system will be the first time alert administrators in order to deal with the relevant circumstances.


Train / vehicle identification / baggage screening:

       China's railway vehicle scheduling system is a typical case, automatic vehicle identification number, enter information, save a lot of time labor statistics, as well as improved accuracy.


       Medical Information Tracking:

       Case tracking, tracking waste materials, medicines, etc. are a good way to track hospital service levels and efficiency.


       Military / Defense / National Security:

       Some important military drugs, firearms, ammunition or military vehicles are the dynamic real-time tracking needs.


RFID technology can be widely applied to many industries and the field, must have its & ldquo; & rdquo ;, excels Generally, RFID technology has the following advantages:


       Super anti-interference, it has one of the most important advantage is the contactless identification, it can operate in harsh environments sharp, strong penetrating power and can be quickly identified and read the label.


       RFID tag data capacity is very large, it can be expanded to 10k according to the needs of users, much higher than the two-dimensional bar code 2725 digital capacity.


Dynamic operation may be, it can use the tag data programmed dynamically modified, and can be dynamically tracked and monitored, insofar as the RFID tag attached to the object appear in the effective recognition range reader.


       Long life, because of its strong anti-interference, the RFID tag is not easily damaged, long service life.


       Anti-collision, within the effective range of the identification reader, which can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously.


       Safe, RFID tags may be attached in any form on the product, the label can be the password to encrypt data to improve security.


       Recognition speed, insofar as the effective identification of the RFID tag enters a reader, immediately start reading data, generally less than 100 milliseconds can be completed identification.


       Of course, all advantages and disadvantages of each technology, RFID technology development today, will be flawed, and that is technology UHF band is not broad enough, technology is not mature enough, and related products expensive, stability is not high , the international community has not developed a unified standard.


       Currently, RFID technology has and our daily lives, and in the current era of things, if RFID technology has been improved, UHF RFID technology is mature, UHF RFID market development has been widely used, then the development of things will to a new height.

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