In July 2019, with our ideas and ideals, Seaory’s design concept and results were again displayed at the international Internet of things expo in Shenzhen . The exhibition lasts three days . It ended on 1th Aug. 2019 .



On 31th Jul to 1th Aug, Seaory team attend the 12th international Internet of things expo. This expo is Sponsored by Shenzhen Internet of things media Co.,Ltd., the exhibition attracted more than 120,000 person-times and 800 exhibitors, providing an efficient promotion platform for the information exchange ,efficient resource docking and the whole internet of thing industry chain .



In addition to product demonstrations, the exhibition also holds a number of industry seminars, allowing industry professionals to fully understand market trends, related technologies and market intelligence. There are also a number of mutual exchange activities to strengthen information communication and expand the network of contacts, the Internet of things exhibition is the largest Internet of things industry exhibition in the world.



Based on China, looking to the world, absorbing high-quality resources from all over the world, a three-day gathering of the world's leading event of the Internet of things is held here. Seaory made a stunning appearance at the expo with a full intellectual property rights card printer. The booth stream of people, negotiations are warm. It has been widely recognized by customers and visitors from all over the world .




The end of the show may be an end for others, but for Seaory it’s a new beginning. We share the beautiful colorful life with the world ,and at the same time we also display the excellent design products and enterprise concepts in the international market.

The 12th international Internet of things exhibition - Shenzhen IOTE. come to a successful conclusion
Time: 2019-08-12
Location :Home - news

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