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  • High quality Functional Membership Card

    High quality Functional Membership Card

    Membership card issued by a company is equal to the company\'s business card, you can print company logo or design on it, advertising for the company\'s image, is the ideal carrier of company\'s advertising....

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  • Visitor management kiosk

    Visitor management kiosk

    SEAORY intelligent visitor management system S-STVM203 is a high-end models specialized in realizing office automatization for government and enterprise in the condition of informatization. Thanks to its fashionable appearance and stable pe...

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  • RFID Self-adhesive Label

    RFID Self-adhesive Label

    RFID electronic tag’s highlight the technical characteristics are: can identify a specific object, rather than only identify a class of objects like barcode; can read a number of objects simultaneously,...

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  • campus card

    campus card

    Campus card is multifunctional,from basic identity data to the highest level of encoding function, it can use the personalized image design, able to quickly identify the student identity, prevent others enters the campus,...

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  • 2017 Second Quarter Work Review Meeting

    2017 Second Quarter Work Review Meeting

    In order to summarizing the work of second quarter and planning third quarter to assuring finish the company full-year target task, The second quarter work review meeting was held in Dongguan Branch Company on July 8,...

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